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Our Sunflower Microgreens are a powerhouse of nutrition and flavor. These tiny greens pack a punch with their nutty, earthy taste and are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Perfect for garnishing salads, sandwiches, and soups, these microgreens will add a pop of color and nutrition to any dish. Grown with care on our microgreen farm, these sunflower microgreens are organic, non-GMO, and sustainably sourced. Add them to your diet today for a delicious and healthy boost

2oz. Sunflower Microgreens

  • Due to the fragile nature of microgreens, when you order on our website, you agree to pick up your order at Main Street Goods & Goodies, 16 N. Main St., Liberty, Missouri. Green Life Farm microgreens will last up to 2 weeks or more in the refrigerator when kept in our packaging. We recommend washing what you are going to eat right before use then drying on a towel. 

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