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Description: An all-natural, odor-fighting, skin-hydrating deodorant that actually works! Our effective yet gentle formula tackles body odor where it starts by lowering the pH of your pits to help prevent odor-causing bacteria and absorb moisture at the source.

Coconut Lime Fragrance: Sweet | Citrusy | Tart Fragrance Description: Tempt your senses with a trip to the tropics with this natural combination of zesty tart lime and sweet creamy coconut. You'll want to pop in a straw and take a sip.

Karma Fragrance: Complex | Woodsy | Floral Fragrance Description: As complex as the concept of karma, this sophisticated scent combines citrusy oranges, neroli and petigrain; earthy patchouli; sweet jasmine; sophisticated sandalwood; earthy musk; and woody pine to create a complex and alluring scent.

Size: 2.65 oz
Made in United States of America

All Natural Deodrant

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