Merlot PreRoll 1.25 Size Double Pack

  • Each pre-roll is packed with the same high quality hemp flower you will find in our packaged jars. We only use Unbleached Pure Hemp cones that are 100% eco tree-free paper with an all natural gumline. 

    Net weight per package: King Size = +/- 1 gram; 1.25 Size x 2 = +/- 1 gram.

    MERLOT : Indica - Known for its mood elevation and relaxing effect. 

    Total Cannabinoids 12.391%

    Total CBD 9.826%

    Crafted with the same indoor grown, organic Heritage Hemp CBD Hemp flower, our pre-rolls are a convenient way to experience full-spectrum CBD. Each CBD joint is rolled in organic hemp paper and sealed in glass tubes for freshness.