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Green Life Farm was given its start by Ann and Joe Dugdale in January 2024 in the lower level of their commercial building. Repurposing a former storage space into the perfect facility to grow microgreens using sustainable agriculture practices which also strengthens community ties by offering fresh produce right in the heart of Historic Downtown Liberty, Missouri. Growing indoors, microgreens have a quick turnaround from seed to harvest, allowing for frequent, year-round production cycles, which can significantly contribute to the community's access to fresh and healthy food options.


Microgreens, with their variety of flavors, colors, and textures, appeal to both chefs and home cooks, enriching dishes with both nutrition and aesthetic appeal.

The evolution of Green Life Farm from its initial offering at the Historic Downtown Liberty Farmers Market to now being featured in multiple Kansas City area grocery stores and prestigious venues like the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts is an incredible achievement. Expanding from over 9 varieties of microgreens showcases not only the demand for such high-quality, nutritious produce but also the hard work and dedication Ann and Joe Dugdale have put into growing their operation.


Our Clients

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